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Save Money - no matter how much it costs!

In Category: The Legal Market
Published: 07/11/2014

Save money - no matter how much it costs!

Linkedin is a useful mapping tool and is certainly better than a “little black book” because it automatically updates itself: this is almost as far as its utility goes; it is absolutely not a replacement for conventional recruitment methodologies. I acknowledge my bias but there are a number of “real world” limitations to Linkedin which seriously inhibit its ability to replace professional headhunters; these include: -


  • Less than 60% of professionals are on Linkedin at all meaning that you are missing more than 40% of your target market.


  • Linkedin themselves report that more than half of their members access their account for 0 -2 hours a week; they do not mention the proportion that never access their account. You can only contact the people who use their profiles.


  • The proportion of the professional candidate market that will respond to an “inmail” about a new job is very low indeed and the proportion which responds positively lower still.


  • Of the tiny number of self-selecting potential candidates that do respond positively the proportion that ultimately prove to be technically suitable for the role will be miniscule and it will pure random chance if that residual number meet the cultural needs of the business. Most Linkedin advert and inmail campaigns lead to nothing.

We know that some of our clients have tried very hard to make Linkedin work for them and failed: the usual reasons are that the response rate per job has been dreadful, the candidates that do apply are hopeless and the costs of accessing and administering the process far exceed any savings.

We publish about 50 online adverts a month including on Linkedin: across all paid for platforms we get an average ratio of applicants per job of 8:1; Linkedin updates gives us 0.2:1: out of 600 adverts and approximately 4,800 applications per year we count ourselves lucky if advertising produces five or six placements a year: well-structured and informed headhunt approaches are immeasurably more effective.

All firms will be able to point to hires which were made through the use of Linkedin but I don’t believe that the investment costs of paying fees to Linkedin, hiring large internal recruitment teams, paying for and attending Linkedin courses and even paying for staff to become “Linkedin Certified Recruiters” will ever be set off by a saving in professional recruitment fees.



Written by Mark Husband

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